PREMS-2A system – for your pumps

Plants/Pumps Reliability and Energy/Efficiency Savings Project (PREMS-2A) – for YOUR plant! How efficient ARE your pumps? It may surprise you, but  – a typical 15-year old 2000 hp pump installation is consuming about $1.3M in electricity per year, and it might be wasting an extra $130K of that due to inefficiency alone based on $0.10 per kW-Hr cost, running nonstop.

Or, are there times you wished you “were there” at 2am in the morning when a pump crashed? – would a continual uninterrupted monitoring of this pump’s vibrations and bearing housing temperatures save the day? Would a continuous recording of this history be helpful? Does your existing plant DCS or SCADA system do it, and does it well today? PREMS-2A can help: installed in just a day, at a fraction of a main system cost, – and you can use it for a single pump, many pumps, or move it from one pump to another, to do troubleshooting, and get answers.

For questions, delivery, pricing, installation, training, contact:

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Guarantee: 10 days free on-site evaluation trial

(training video link shown at the bottom of the brochure -

which is also at:    (PVA #11 – how it works)    (PVA #10 – sample video)

PREMS-2A brochure

Installation Example – Measured versus Expected performance: (click to enlarge)

PREMS Pump Efficiency Evaluation StoryReps and Distributors wanted (US Regionals and International) (additional discount for pump OEMS and alliance partners)


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